Town of Trent Woods

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 What is the Town's contact information?

Trent Woods Town Hall
898 Chelsea Road

Trent Woods,  NC,  USA  28560

Phone:  252-637-9810
Fax:  252-637-0280




 During what hours is Town Hall open?

Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, except for Federal holidays and weather emergencies.

 How do I find my polling place?

The polling place for registered voters that  reside in Trent Woods is at Morris Hall on the campus of Garber Methodist Church located at 4201 Country Club Road.

If you are unsure of your precinct location, check the Secretary of State Precinct Finder page. After a few questions to obtain your home address, it will provide the precinct number and location where you will go to vote as well as list which district elections within the state you are able to vote.

  Does the Town provide leaf and limb removal services?

The Town does not provide a service that removes leaf and limb debris for Trent Woods residents.  The Town does however allow Town residents to burn yard debris  on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the first full weekend (Saturday & Sunday) and the third weekend of each month  from 8 am to 6 pm.  Burning in ditches and streets right-of-way is prohibited. 

You can view the Town's complete ordinance on Burning under "Ordinances." If you have any questions, please contact the Town Hall at 252-637-9810.

 I want to register my golf cart for on-road use.

To register your golf cart for on-road use, call the Trent Woods Police at 637-3030 and schedule an inspection.  You must provide proof of insurance.  The fee is $25.00 for the calendar year.

 What is involved in Pet Registrations?

By ordinance, the Town of Trent Woods requires that all residents register their cats and dogs, even if they are indoor animals, with the Town within 30 days of moving to Trent Woods.  You must provide proof of rabies vaccination, the rabies tag number, the date of the vaccination and the date the vaccination expires.  Cost to register your pet is $10 if it is sterilized and your registration is good for the length of the rabies vaccination.  Pets must be re-registered when rabies vaccinations are updated.  Call Town Hall to inquire more information on this topic at 252-637-9810.

 When are trash and recyclables picked up?

Trash and Recyclable removal services within the Town are a part of the Craven County system.  Trash is picked up weekly on Thursday beginning January 8th, 2018.    Trash pickup requires a $3.00 sticker for each 33 gallon trash bag.  Trash stickers may be purchased at the Town Hall or various other outlets, such as Food Lion, or Harris Teeter.  Trash recepticles (roll out carts/containers) are not provided and their use optional.   Additionally, refuse may be taken to any Convenience Center located throughout Craven County. For additional information on this topic, please contact Town Hall. 

If you wish to set up garbage service,  contact WASTE INDUSTRIES at 638-1366.

Recyclables are picked up weekly on Monday.  If your recycle bin contains unacceptable materials (review list), the carrier may refuse to empty because of fines they will be charged. 

 What recreation activities are available for children?

The Meadows Family Park, located on Country Club Drive is a wonderful playground for children.